Entre encontrar a nossa essência e construir uma nova, ficamos com uma terceira via: olhar para dentro, desconstruir e transformar a identidade em performance. Só assim podemos existir no mundo hoje. A Eyddos é, por definição, aquilo que une o universal e o particular. Consideramos o todo para criar, em parceria com artistas que admiramos, roupas confortáveis e que vestem o indivíduo contemporâneo em suas particularidades. Acreditamos numa moda sustentável, atemporal e fora de categorias. Não curtimos nichos nem dicotomias. Masculino x feminino, verão x inverno - não é isso que importa. Fazemos arte de vestir para o ser humano em constante evolução e transformação.




Between finding our essence and creating a new one, we choose a third path: diving inwards to deconstruct and transform identity into performance. Only by doing so we can exist in the world today. 

Eyddos is, by definition, that which brings together the private and the universal. We look at the whole in order to create, alongside artists we admire, comfortable clothes fit for contemporary individuals in all their peculiarities. 

We believe in sustainable, timeless and uncategorizable fashion We don’t dig niches nor dichotomies. Male X female, summer X winter - that’s not what matters the most. 

We make wearable art for human beings in constant evolution and transformation. 

II - Sol

Sol is our creative director. She was born in Buenos Aires and is proud to be Latin American, but she’s a citizen of the world - a nomad by vocation. Sol is a musician, an actress, a creative mind and free spirited who has travelled the world alongside her husband, footballer Juan Pablo Sorín. Sol has never liked labels and refuses to be defined. For her, life is what happens in the process, when you are in movement. She created Eyddos in a time when her music career was shifting from interpreting other people’s songs to writing her own. It felt like her clothes weren’t accurately expressing her true self, so she decided to design them herself. 

III - What Sustains Us

Eyddos is all about movement and flow, but some things are non-negotiable for us. Above all we believe in freedom. Freedom to be whatever we want to be. So we deny the male/female dichotomy in favor of a genderfluid approach to clothing and life. We are malleable like the fabrics we use. Our desire to be free also pushes us to protect the environment. We want the opportunity to enjoy the planet, to leave it to our children if we choose to have them. So everything we do starts with sustainability: the fabrics we use, the tags in our clothes, this very object your are now holding. Finally, freedom is about equality, so we want to give voice to those who have a history of being oppressed and silenced. 

IV -  Art Happens When We Interact

Clothes are only ever alive when there’s a body inside them to give them life. Or when we remove them from their common place and hang them on the wall instead of inside the closet. Art is what happens when we interact with a piece and with each other. Eyddos is built from all of those who collaborate with the brand. Nothing moves us and makes us happier than seeing our jumpsuits coming to in the bodies of those whose work we admire. They’ve been worn by Crioulo, Ibeyi, Iza, Negra, Maria Gadú and others. 

V - Ours Is The Future

We are and we want revolution. We want to take fashion out of the closet, literally. We want it in galleries, in museums, and in all types of bodies. And we wish to do this collectively, by collaborating with the most diverse group of artists. The jumpsuit is our statement piece. It is our contribution, our blank canvas. We chose the jumpsuit because it reminds us of work, of movement, and of freedom. Because it suits all bodies and is uncategorizable - and at the same time it can unfold into so many things.

VI - This is how we come together. 

This is where we find out if we have moved you. We hope so, so now we explain how you can contribute to Eyddos' trajectory. 

First and foremost, you should feel free to propose anything that’s on your mind. We are always open to new ideas. But today we would like to introduce two.

The first one is simple. We invite you to interfere artistically on our jumpsuits. You can paint them, embroider them, go a little bit nuts with them. The important thing is that you make your mark and create unique pieces, a capsule collection with your signature for Eyddos.

The second one has more steps to it, but is also very interesting and technological, which excites us. We have access to cutting edge technology when it comes to printing over fabric. So all you have to do is deliver your artwork in any media you prefer, and we can turn it into printed fabric.

In here you will find a sketch of our basic jumpsuit if you want to scribble on it, do tests or tell us exactly where you want your art to go.